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Track & Field Live – Clonmel 19th June 2024

The AAI Track and Field Live event which is to be held on Wednesday 19th June in Clonmel. Entries can be completed on the E4S system comp #1089. All the athletes will receive a participation medal, there are no finals, just a single race, so there’s no hanging around. Scheduled for 6pm start and 9pm finish. The events are listed below and as you can see there is a maximum no. of entries allowed. We encourage Tipperary clubs to come on board and support the first Tack and Field Live in Clonmel, a fantastic opportunity for athletes to test themselves at the TUS Sports Hub in Clonmel.

There will be electronic timing and the event organiser is David Matthews, AAI and he can be contacted at

Link to entry system

[T7] Senior Men & Women 100m 06:50pm

[T13] 1 Mile Senior  09:00pm

[T14] 4 x 100 U12, 08:30pm

[T15]4 x 100 U14 , 08:30pm

[T16] 4 x 100 U16, 08:40pm

[T12] 400m Senior Men & Women, U17-Masters, 08:15pm

[T11] 800m Senior Men, U17-Masters, 07:50pm

[T17] 800m, Senior Women, U17-Masters, 07:50pm

[T8] U12 Boys & Girls 600m, 07:10pm

[T2] U9 Boys & Girls 60m, 06:00pm

[T3] U10 Boys & Girls 60m, 06:10pm

[T4] U12 Boys & Girls 60m, 06:20pm

[T5] U14 Boys & Girls 80, 06:30pm

[T9] U14 Boys & Girls 800m, 07:20pm

[T6] U16 Boys & Girls 100m, 06:40pm

[T10] U16 Boys & Girls 800m, 07:40pm